Under The Radar: Supermoon

Last summer, multi-instrumental songwriter, Neil Pennycook, retired his long-term act Meursault, took off to London and spent several months devising a new musical vehicle which he Christened Supermoon. A year on, he has completed recording his first album, which has seen him working with an illustrious cast of fellow musicians including the ubiquitous keyboarder Ruben Taylor, vocalist Faith Eliott and drummer Liam Chapman. Titled I Will Kill Again, it boasts a sparser sound than Pennycook’s previous work, as well as incorporating piano and female vocals. While a release has yet to be finalised, Supermoon the band play a series of shows in the coming weeks including:

Glasgow’s Hug and Pint [24 August], Edinburgh’s Summerhall [27 August], Jura Unbound at the Edinburgh International Book Festival [29 August] and Eastern Promise in Glasgow [18 September].  Expect an intense musical experience, from one of Scotland’s most distinctive artists. https://soundcloud.com/supermoon-4

Olaf Furniss and Derick Mackinnon run music business events company, Born To Be Wide. They host a free evening at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on 18 August. Guests include Stuart Cosgrove and Wyndham Wallace, with music by Ded Rabbit and Be Charlotte. www.borntobewide.co.uk