Under The Radar: The Spook School

Published in the Scotland On Sunday, Spectrum Magazine - 18 October 2015
by Derick Mackinnon and Olaf Furniss

Hailing from Edinburgh, DIY-punk-pop quartet The Spook School’s second album, Try To Be Hopeful, was released via Fortuna POP! last week. 

The LP is bursting full of triumphant, fun and upbeat songs about gender and identity, with songwriter Nye Todd’s lyrics exploring a personal journey as a transgender front-person, which became the subject of a Rolling Stone documentary earlier this year when the band toured North America.

Their music is the theme tune for BBC 3 comedy series Badults and members Anna Cory, Niall McCamley and Adam Todd moonlight as stand-up comedians. 

Catch them live at Edinburgh’s Banshee Labyrinth 26 [now Sold Out] and 27 October for the official album launch, followed by London 29 October, Glasgow’s the Hug and Pint 30 October [Sold Out] and an extensive tour throughout the UK in November. 

Watch VIDEO for excellent single Binary directed by Nathan Griffin of label mates Martha.