Music Industry Advice From Those in the Business for 14-25 Year Olds

Off The Record is a series of events for young musicians and those who want to work in the industry. Off the Record is open to anyone aged 14-25, and will take place in five locations in Central Scotland.

Supported by the Scottish Government’s Youth Music Initiative (YMI) programme, which is administered by Creative Scotland, it will feature key figures from the music business taking part in seminars, workshops and advice sessions – all geared to demystifying the industry and providing the basic knowledge to get started.


All About The Studio
An introduction to what to expect in the studio, different recording techniques and how to prepare for recording. Panelists: Olaf Furniss (Born To Be Wide) Gavin Fort (Verden Studios)

Promoting Your Music
Panelists: Vic Galloway [BBC Radio Scotland], Tallah Brash [The Electric Circus], Stuart Stenhouse (EmuBands) Scott MacDonald (KFM Records) Moderator: Olaf Furniss (Born To Be Wide)

Releasing Music
How does a record label work, how do your release and sell your own music? Panelists: Olaf Furniss (Born To Be Wide), Stuart Stenhouse (EmuBands) com Scott MacDonald (KFM Records).

Organising & Getting Gigs
Panelists: Tallah Brash (The Electric Circus), Steven Milne (The Lemon Tree). Moderator: Michael Lambert (Born To Be Wide)

Photos:  Off The Record, Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh

all photos by Euan Robertson