John McLaughlin to join panel for Thursday's Producer Seminar


Award-winning songwriter and renowned producer John McLaughlin is set to join the next Born To Be Wide panel ahead of Thursday's Producer's Seminar. John has written and produced several number one hits (including tracks with Westlife, Busted and 5ive) and has won the BMI Million Airplay Award, European Airplay Award and the Nordoff Robbins Living Legend Award.

The discussion will look at a variety of themes including the relationship between producers and artists, the impact of low-cost technology and why it is one of the most male-dominated areas of the music business.

Other speakers include Dave Eringa, best known for his work with the Manic Street Preachers, Idlewild guitarist Rod Jones, who co-owns Leith’s Post Electric studio and singer, songwriter and vocal producer Natalie DeLucia.