Talk Show at Edinburgh International Book Festival

Born To Be Wide returns to the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Tuesday 23 August with a free evening of interviews and live music at the Unbound Spiegel Tent.
The talk show is hosted by the event’s co-organiser Olaf Furniss and his guests include veteran music journalist, Sylvia Patterson, who will be talking about her book I’m Not With The Band.

Along with Honeyblood frontwoman, Stina Tweeddale and Where You're Meant To Be director/writer, Paul Fegan, she will also be take part in a discussion about how approaches to writing differ for song lyrics, books and comedy. 
“At Smash Hits, Q and NME, Sylvia interviewed the biggest acts of the past thirty years so will have some amazing stories to tell,” says Furniss. “It will also be fascinating to hear how she, Stina and the other guests approach their writing and how the process differs according to the art form.”
In addition to being interviewed, Tweeddale, whose band release their second album Babes Never Die on 4 November, will perform two songs acoustically. And emerging local artist, Luna Delirious, is also set to play.