Additional Speakers Added to Music Tourism Seminar

We are pleased to announce the addition of VisitScotland advisor John Abernethy and Musicians’ Union regional officer, Caroline Sewell, to this Thursday’s [5 February] music tourism panel at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus.
They will join 
Rose Norton, co-owner of the Coda Music record shop, and SECC Director of Live Entertainment, John Langford, who will also take part in an interview.
The discussion coincides with Born To Be Wide’s 
11th anniversary and will explore how the music scene can attract tourists and the role visitors can play in sustaining local music businesses and artists. “John and Caroline will bring some excellent insights to this discussion,” says Born To Be Wide director, Olaf Furniss.

John has seven years’ experience working at VisitScotland’s Edinburgh information centre, and is perfectly-placed to explain how artists and music business, can reach tourists.
Caroline’s work for the MU has seen her play an active part in discussions to safeguard Edinburgh’s venues, for locals and visitors alike.  Moreover, through the organisation she has been involved in an initiative to help pubs programme live music.
The interview and panel, will be followed by speakers playing DJ sets and socialising with the audience.