New Additions to Record Shop Seminar

We are pleased to announce the addition of Fopp (Edinburgh) assistant manager Tom Robinson, and co-owner of the Comets & Cartwheels label Vicki Cole, to this Thursday's Record Shop seminar at the Electric Circus.

They will join a panel which already includes Rose Norton, co-owner of Coda, [Edinburgh's leading traditional/contemporary folk shop], Sandy McLean, owner of Glasgow's Love Music and Darren Yeats, co-owner of vinyl specialist Vox Box.

Robinson's addition will give a valuable insight into how one of the few remaining chains operate, while Cole brings experience as a musician with the band Randolph's Leap and co-owner of the Comets & Cartwheels label.

A single shop can still sell hundreds of albums by a self-released act or small label, as well as providing promotional support through in-stores and recommendations to other retailers. The panel will explain how artists, labels and managers can best work with the stores to increase the chances of success.

Following the discussion, the speakers will DJ and meet the audience. 

Panelists [click on name for more info]: