Record Shops Seminar Announced

Our next Born To Be Wide seminar takes place at  Edinburgh's Electric Circus on Thursday 7 November and will focus on the vital role record shops can still play in supporting new acts. 

Speakers include Rose Norton, co-owner of Coda, Edinburgh's leading traditional/contemporary folk shop and Sandy McLean, owner of Glasgow's Love Music. They will be joined by Darren Yeates, co-owner of vinyl specialist Vox Box and additional participants will be announced next week. 

A single shop can still sell hundreds of albums by a self-relesaed act or small label, as well as providing promotional support through in-stores and recommendations to other retailers. This discussion will look at how artists, labels and managers can best work with the stores to increase the chances of success. 

Following the panel, the speakers will play a selection of their favourite records and will be available to meet the audience members.  



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