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Kenny Inglis


Kenny Inglis has been a composer & music producer for 20 years. Based in Glasgow, he cut his teeth as a recording artist signed to the cult Chicago label Guidance Recordings.

At the turn of the millenium the wave of peer to peer networking and digital music downloads saw a number of independents fold, which saw Kenny side step the fallout and move towards composing and producing for TV, film, and new media.

Kenny landed his first TV sync in the debut episode of HBO's dark drama 'Six Feet Under'. Further interest from Hollywood would follow, seeing Kenny take on a 12 year stint across the three series CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) franchise. Kenny has also written for Numb3rs, The O.C, Beautiful People, Ringer, Nikita and more.

Kenny's recent work has led him into the cut throat world of the film trailer, writing and producing for 'Gangster Squad', 'Dead Man Down' and the Spike Lee/HBO Mike Tyson documentary 'Undisputed Truth'.