Charlotte Spillerova is a Label Manager at leading distributor and services provider Believe, working specifically across their in-house record label AllPoints and its new imprint Phases which focuses on electronic and neo-classical music. Joining Believe in 2016 as Label Manager Assistant, Charlotte worked in the distribution team managing labels and the distribution process for a number of clients. In 2017 she took on the role of Label Manager for in-house label AllPoints, where she product manages campaigns for artists such as Darius, Ryan Vail, and Peter Gregson amongst others. She now runs the label Phases, its releases include Max Cooper, Neil Cowley, Erland Cooper and Peter Sandberg among others.

Alongside her role at Believe, Charlotte started her own label imprint Spill Over Records, releasing music for electronic producer Nimino. She also puts out releases for the London based electronic/experimental collective Panel.

Before joining Believe Charlotte worked part-time for the London-based bar & night club operator The Columbo Group, and was a part-time A&R scout for MTA Records.