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Caroline Sewell
(Regional Officer for Scotland and Northern Ireland, Musicians’ Union


Hailing from Glasgow, Caroline developed an immense and eclectic passion for music – both to listen to and perform having played piano, guitar and sung from an early age.

By the time she graduated from Music Industry Management at Stow College and formerly, Commercial Music at Paisley Uni (now UWS) she had completed an internship at Soma Records and was busy co-promoting one of the legendary Sub Club’s (Glasgow) most popular nights, Relentless.

After spending some years working in various studios and learning the ropes in the recording and rehearsal studios side of operations, she also ran the busy ‘events services’ departments at Banana Row in Edinburgh and A-Side Studios in Glasgow, coordinating large numbers of musicians, bands and ensembles who would perform at up to 350 different events over the course of a single year. 

Laterally, Caroline worked for Glasgow based company No Half Measures which boasted a host of prominent Scottish artists such as Wet Wet Wet, Hue and Cry, Red Sky July, The Hedrons, Cosmic Rough Riders and The Law to name a few on their roster.  No Half Measures incorporated artist management, record labels, publishing, touring and merchandise.

Now residing permanently at the Musicians’ Union, Caroline brings her considerable and comprehensive experience to the role of Regional Officer for Scotland and Northern Ireland.